Shop Now. Pay Later, at The Greville Clinic with ZipPay


  1.  Create your account here: Zip
  2.  Select Zippay at Check out
  3.  Zippay will pay for your products and you can choose how to pay them back
  4.  Enjoy your products!



What is Zip?

Zippay is a credit and payment solution that lets you shop now and pay later. There are no up front payments and repayments are interest free.  You can make as many purchases as you like up to your account limit and set up flexible repayments, giving you an alternative to paying up front.


What is the difference between Afterpay and Zippay?

Both options provide easy payment plan solutions, however Afterpay repayments are paid in 4 installments, where Zippay allows you to choose the amount you wish to pay and when. Afterpay is generally slightly easier to be approved for on the spot. Both options are great, and there are no rules on which you choose, you may even have both.


What are the fee's and charges for Zip?

Your Zip Pay account has a monthly account service fee of $6 if you have an outstanding balance a the beginning of the month.

When you have a $0 owing balance and your account remains active you will have no fees until you wish to shop again.


What is the difference between Zip Money and Zip Pay?

Zip Pay and Zip Money are two separate products, but you can use both at all merchants who accept Zip. Zip Pay has a credit limit up to $1,000, where Zip Money is for Credit Limits above $1000. There is never interest charged on Zip Pay, however Zip Money is interest free for 3 months, and 19.9% p.a after your interest-free period.


How does it work?

Zip Pay works like an account. For all purchases made during the month, you receive a statement with your closing balance on the 1st day of the following month. You have until the end of the month to pay off your balance ofr the account to remain fee free. If you fo not pay the entire balance within the month, you will just be charged the $6 servicing account fee.


How do I find out if I am eligable?

When you apply for your account, the algorithm will decide whether you are eligible for one of the 3 different lines of credit ($350, $500 or $1000). Choose to apply for Zip Money if you require more then this amount. 

To be eligable you must

  •  Be an Australian Citizen or permaent Resident
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a vlid Facebook or PayPal account in your own name
  • Have a valid debit card in your name
  • Have not declared bankruptcy or insolvency


For more information please visit the Zip website or send an email to where one of our team can help you.